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Tour of Italy: Piedmontese appetizers

By Editor Italy

A travel around Italy with a nice mix of typically Piedmontese appetizers, a mix that actually deserves to fill our table on its own!

Let’s see the recipes in more detail!

Acciughe al Verde (Anchovies in Green Sauce): this is a very simple preparation, where the fish is accompanied by a very fragrant and aromatic sauce based on parsley (green sauce or “bagnetto verde” or “bagnet verd” in Piedmontese dialect), garlic and chilli. Anchovies are the basis of numerous typical Piedmontese recipes, especially of the Langhe, an area that borders on Liguria and with which it shares numerous fish-based preparations.

Vitello tonnato: another typical dish of traditional Piedmontese cuisine (also known as vitel toné) based on veal accompanied by the famous tuna sauce, good to be served both as an appetizer and second course. The recipe is very simple: the veal cooked in a pot (with the herbs and a drizzle of oil), cooled in the refrigerator and cut into thin slices is served with the tuna sauce, which can be prepared with or without mayonnaise (the sauce includes tuna in oil, anchovies, egg yolks, vinegar, capers and lemon juice).

Peperoni all’astigiana (Stuffed peppers, Piedmont-style): a very tasty appetizer! The peppers are cooked in the oven (which makes them more digestible) and the filling is a creamy preparation with anchovies, tuna and capers, which enhances the flavor. The filling very often also features the presence of a “secret ingredient”: Seirass, the Piedmontese name for cow’s milk ricotta. There are many variations of this recipe in Piedmont and obviously the one with bagna cauda (a typical Piedmont preparation prepared with anchovies, oil and lots of garlic) cannot be missing.

Vegetable flan: another great Piedmontese classic on Sundays or holidays, the Vegetable Flan is a simple and tasty preparation, which can be made with different vegetables, depending on the season and personal tastes. Milk cream, parmesan, eggs, vegetables and various aromas well mixed and cooked in the oven in a bain marie are the secret of this recipe!

Polenta with cheese fondue: polenta is an ancient poor dish from northern Italy, originally cooked mostly by farmers, which is prepared with water, salt and corn flour, but in these appetizer single portions it is accompanied by a cheese fondue Piedmontese which makes it irresistible!

A dish like this is worth a trip to Piedmont, right? Obviously, accompanied by a nice red wine, such as Nebbiolo d’Alba!