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They said ‘let’s help’, they stole 1 million lira worth of jewelry!

By Editor Turkey

An elderly couple living in Istanbul Bağcılar was robbed by 3 women who entered their house on the pretext of helping. The suspects entered Tevfik Özer’s house, where he carried shopping bags, and stole 1 million lira worth of gold and jewelery.

The incident, which took place at around 13:00 on Wednesday, December 9 in Çınar District of Bağcılar district of Istanbul, allegedly took place as follows:Tevfik Özer, 90, entered a market on the street to meet household needs. At that time, a woman watching the old man came to Özer and said that he wanted to help carry his bags. Accepting the offer, Özer completed his shopping and set off for his home. At that time, 2 more women came to the woman who was carrying the old man’s bag. When Özer came to his house, he thanked the women carrying the bags. The women, on the other hand, turned to the old man and said, ‘We know your wife, we will drink a tea and get up’ and entered the house with the old man. The suspects disappeared after one of them stole the gold found in the house in his bag.


Tevfik Özer told about his experiences as follows: “I was shopping at the grocery store. When the bags were piled up in my hand, a woman came to me and said that she wanted to help to me. I accepted. We were returning home together. At that time, 2 more people came to the near of woman. We came home. They went up 5 floors with me. I also thanked them. While waiting for them to leave, they said that they knew my wife Nadire and they would leave after having a cup of tea.”


Özer, who invited women carrying their bags, thinking that they were friends of his wife, summarized the situation as follows: “When the women wanted to drink tea, I thought they were Nadire’s friends. My wife opened the door. At that time, I said, ‘We have guests, lady.’ Apparently, Nadire did not know the women who entered.”

When the women came in, I asked Nadire to bring tea. At that time, one of them said she wanted to pray, and I directed him to an empty room in the house. One of the women was waiting in the room where I was, and the other was waiting next to Nadire. The whole thing happened at this moment. While the other women were keeping us busy, the woman who said I was going to pray found the bag in which we kept our savings by rummaging through the closets in the room she entered.


Before the having tea, we were waiting for the woman who went to pray.  She left the room and hurriedly started to put on her shoes, saying that she was late for work. Before we could say what was happening, other women got ready and left. We realized that something was wrong. We had 36 thousand Euros, 700 thousand liras worth of gold and jewelery. They took them all away. The savings we have earned over the years have been wasted.