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Sleeping Powder

By Editor Turkey

Almost everyone has had trouble sleeping at one time or another. The nights got shorter too. Especially social media continues to deprive everyone of sleep, young and old.

On the other hand, those who wander in the virtual world and game addicts get stressed without realizing it, and the cost of this is insomnia. Under normal conditions, people need to sleep regularly and rest their body. However, those who have sleep problems are not few. Medical solutions are available or sought after for disturbed sleep problems. Not getting enough sleep causes fatigue on its own. People who cannot sleep soundly wake up tired and a pessimistic mood is inevitable. Many wake up at night and are devastated by staring at the ceiling. You know, it is described as running away from sleep, but in reality, he is constantly tired at work the next day because he can’t get enough sleep. Approximately 42% of the world’s population suffers from insomnia from time to time, even regularly. One of the main reasons for not being able to sleep is stress. Hormones that cause stress put a barrier in front of sleep. Insomnia can cause serious problems in terms of body and brain health. As the body gets more tired than usual, brain functions slow down. Forgetfulness increases.

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A significant part of individuals who cannot sleep at night try to compensate with daytime sleep, but this practice completely disrupts their sleep patterns. A significant part of those who cannot sleep at night try to continue their work despite insomnia. A significant number of experts recommend reading as a cure for insomnia. It expresses that trying to read a book instead of looking at the ceiling when sleep is lost in the middle of the night will bring back sleep. Some people wander in the virtual world with their mobile phones to make them sleepy, but such an application makes them sleepy even more. It is stated that a mixture developed by experts will be effective in the fight against insomnia. The mixture they call sleeping powder is actually very simple. It consists of salt and sugar. Users say they are satisfied. Both salt and sugar are very effective substances in regulating stress hormones. In addition to stress hormones, these two substances are effective in breathing as well as providing the body’s energy balance. Sleeping powder consists of 2 teaspoons of pure sea salt, 2 teaspoons of brown granulated sugar and 5 tablespoons of honey. By mixing these three ingredients well, a thick paste is obtained. This mixture, which can be stored in a jar or in another container, supports sleep when a spoon is taken before going to bed or at night when sleep is lost. Since it contains salt and sugar, it is not likely to spoil. Under normal conditions, it is possible to have a sound sleep by taking a spoon before going to sleep. It is recommended as a more effective application to take 1 tablespoon five to ten minutes before going to sleep and to allow it to melt in the mouth slowly under the tongue. It’s worth a try.

Prof. Dr. Harun Baytekin