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Seniors Staying in Nursing Home Enthusiasm with Popstar Harun

By Editor Turkey

Within the Continuing Elderly Week Activities in Aydın

An Entertainment Program was organized for the elderly living in Aydın Nursing Home. The Elders, who were enthused with the songs sung by Popstar Harun in the program organized for them, had a lot of fun. An entertainment program was organized for the elderly living in Aydın Nursing Home as part of the ongoing Elderly Week activities in Aydın. In the program organized for them, the elderly people were delighted with the songs sung by Popstar Harun. Aydın Governor Mustafa Malay, Social Services Provincial Director Bilal Çenet, Aydın Nursing Home Director Emin Dinçer and elderly people staying in the nursing home attended the event held in Aydın Nursing Home Conference Hall. Speaking at the opening, Provincial Director of Social Services Bilal Cenet said that the Week of the Elderly, which is celebrated between 18-24 March every year, is celebrated with various activities in Aydın. Reminding that Governor Malay never left them alone during the celebrations, Cenet said, “We are also very happy about this. Old age never means that life is over. On the contrary, old age can be the most beautiful and productive years of life.  Therefore, as a society, we have to take care of our elderly people. “We should teach them to count, love and remember. Especially high school and university students should come and visit our elders. Let them receive their blessings and learn from their experiences,” he said. Expressing that the elderly are the crown of the society and that he is happy to be with the elderly, Governor Malay pointed out that there are some facts of life and that old age is one of these facts. Pointing out that old age is not for everyone, Malay said, “In old age, it is a blessing of Allah. Some people die when they are children and young, they cannot live old age. Life is temporary. The important thing is to be useful to others in health and life. You have served your country and nation until this age. Now rest and rest is your most natural right. I lost my father at a very young age. That’s why I try to be with the elderly in every village and in every assembly I go to and I am very happy. Ages bring joy and peace to the environment they are in.

Where there are old people, there is peace. God bless our elderly people. don’t let it go away from us,” he said. After the speeches, the elderly living in the nursing home started the entertainment organized for them by cutting a cake. The elders, who got excited with the songs sung by Çineli Harun Manavak, who won the Popstar contest organized on a private television channel invited to the program, had a lot of fun.