About SASME+

SASME+ idea and story
SASME+ activities and products
SASME+ goals
SASME+ heart (the European Senior Card)

The project Civil media in service of social campaigns promoting activation of seniors or SASME+ is a Erasmus+ project that aims to create organizational conditions to foster active participation of seniors in social and economic life, through a number of project activities and products.

SASME+ idea and story

The European Senior Card program is a benefit program for the Seniors in Europe. The idea of this campaign was born in Poland where already over 2000 businesses and entities offer discounts to the seniors, supporting them in managing household budget and making more products, services and activities accessible to them.  Over 350 000 seniors are currently National Senior Card holders, which is equal to the European Senior Card.

Within two ERASMUS+ project the Senior Card Program expanded to European countries and now it is present in Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Italy (Sardinia). The program was also carried out in 2017-2019 in Germany, Lithuania, Romania.

SASME+ activities and products:

  • European senior card (ESC) program – A toolkit for organizations
  • European Senior Voice – web portal
  • SASME+ Training program
  • European Senior Voice Magazine
  • Multiplier events launching the ESC in partner countries
  • Multiplier events seminar for NGOs
  • Joint staff training

SASME+ goals:

  • To reinforce cooperation between local authorities, third sector, business and the Seniors, by engaging stakeholders in the European senior card campaign
  • To increase the role and impact of civil media by editing the European Senior Voice Magazine and creation of web-portal of the same name
  • To prepare partner organizations for the role of promoters of the SASME+ Program at national level
  • Shaping literacy, digital and citizenship competencies among seniors through SASME+ Training program
  • To improve access of the Seniors to products and services (European Senior Card)
  • Shaping the positive image of the Seniors
  • Raising awareness of the society on the issue of ageing

SASME+ heart (the European Senior Card)

  • The card is aimed at economic support, social activation and education of the Seniors
  • The campaign includes training for seniors to prepare them for voluntary work in the ESC campaign and the media
  • The campaign also includes activities for educating enterprises and local authorities
  • Supporting Corporate Social Responsibility in enterprises and institutions through “Senior-Friendly Municipality certificate” and “Senior friendly enterprise certificate”