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Sa Die de Sa Sardigna, a day of celebration in Cagliari

By Editor Italy

The Sardinia Region offers a full calendar of events for Sa Die de Sa Sardigna.

The celebrations for Sa Die de Sa Sardigna, a day of pride of the Sardinian people established in 1993 to commemorate the revolt of the Sardinian Vespers, are back in attendance, with a series of events ranging from historical re-enactments to religious and institutional celebrations passing through debates and cultural initiatives.

The day of April 28 begins at 9.30 at the Cathedral of Cagliari with Holy Mass officiated by Archbishop Giuseppe Baturi.
It will then continue from 10 am to Sa Manifattura, in Viale Regina Margherita in Cagliari, where the activities will continue until 10 pm.

The morning will be characterized by didactic activities on the Nuragic period (objects of everyday life; jewelry, bronzes; experimental archeology with loom; invoice for bread stamped with pintadere; exhibition of civil and military clothing; weapons and armor) and Giudicale (tailoring and fashion with reproduction of the dress of Marian IV; reproduction of biblical texts and the famous treatise known as Flos Duellatorum; weapons and armor; military strategy with focus on the conflict between Arborea, under the control of Judge Mariano IV, and Aragon; fencing, with dueling demonstrations; archery with archery demonstrations; production of parchments).
An educational desk will also be reserved for 1700.
Therefore, there will be the exhibition of military clothing used by Sardinians and Piedmontese, with a detailed explanation of the original late 1700s dress of the Savoy Court in Sardinia and of the militia clothes. On display there will also be the original weapons of the period, both those supplied to the Sardinians (Sardinian flint gun assembled in Tempio-Pausania; leppa de ghinzu; iron forks supplied to the less well-off of the time) and the weapons supplied to the Piedmontese (flintlock rifle with bayonet -1790-1812; cavalry pistol -1770; dragon sabers – late 1700s; trumpet pistol.

It will also be possible to attend historical re-enactment events, with the theatrical representation of a sacred rite for the initiation of two warriors who are preparing to leave in battle of the Nuragic era, and with the theatrical representation of the investiture of an arborense knight who will swear fidelity to Mariano IV, for the Giudicato period.
A duel in arms will also be staged.

At the end of the day, history becomes music in the evening with “Sa die de s’acciappa”, a competition of improvisational poets scheduled from 7.30 to 8 pm, but it also becomes a theatrical show with the representation of the “emotion” of the April 28, 1794 from 8.30 pm to 10 pm.

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