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Phone scams mostly target the elderly

By Editor Turkey

Although the General Directorate of Security warned from time to time by sending SMS to mobile phones and broadcasting public service ads on television, it was determined that those who introduced themselves as police or prosecutors throughout the country and made phone frauds mostly targeted the 60 and over age group. A special team of 14 people formed within the Eskişehir Police Department is working on the methods used by phone fraudsters, working to prevent citizens from falling into the network of fraudsters. Examining 19 phone fraud cases in the city this year, the team found that 17 of the victims were people over the age of 60. The special team determined that the suspects usually came to Ankara from Şanlıurfa by road and then to Eskişehir by taxi and stayed in cheap hotels in the city to avoid attracting attention. He determined that the fraudsters, who chose those aged 60 and over, called their victims on the phone, directed them from street to street with the city map on their computers, and took the jewelry, currency and money they demanded, usually in parks or on the streets where MOBESE cameras were not available. Three of the five suspects who were found to be involved in the fraud in question were arrested.

“I felt the need to make a statement to set an example for the elderly”

Hayriye Öztürk (65), a cancer patient who was the victim of fraudsters, said in a statement to the AA correspondent that she needed to make a statement to set an example for the elderly. Öztürk said: “Last week, they called me on the phone, they said my name, surname, the name of my children, my wife’s name, my wife died, that I was a cancer patient. I believed them too. They said, “You have robbed them in the jewelers’ bazaar, you hosted them in your house for 10 days, now they are imprisoned. They named you after you. They stole 10 burma bracelets, 20 republican gold coins, and some money. You have to bring it.” I believed them.” Explaining that the two suspects would return the gold bracelets he gave them within 15 minutes, Öztürk said that they left the house and said, “After a while, I realized that I had been defrauded, I called my son and told him to call the police. Police teams came to my house within 10 minutes. caught the person.” he said.