Olive Seeds

By Editor Turkey

Almost all experts agree that olive oil, which is indispensable for Mediterranean cuisine, is healthy.

Its seed is considered as an important source of healing as well as its oil. Presumably, the antioxidant properties of the seeds must be transferred to the oil during the pressing. Olive oil is one of the oils that preserves its flavor for a long time without spoiling. Its ability to freeze at temperatures below 10 degrees ensures long-term storage. The discovery of olive oil dating back five thousand years in archaeological excavations is also due to its ability to freeze at low temperatures. The benefits of olive seeds were discovered by accident. Those who swallowed seeds while eating sautéed or pickled olives noticed that their stomach fires were reduced. At the same time, they have seen that digestive tract disorders such as constipation have disappeared. Its positive effects on digestion have been known for centuries. However, very interesting results were obtained in the researches made with olive seeds. Since olive seed provides relief and regulation in the digestive system, it reduces hemorrhoid problems. Again, being rich in antioxidant substances gives the kernel a cancer-preventing quality. Experiences of swallowing an olive pit are spreading rapidly. Especially for stomach problems, our people make it a habit to swallow seeds. It is also not necessary to chew the core. It is stated that swallowing whole will be better. However, it is useful not to exaggerate the swallowing job.

Bioplastics Made from Olive Pits

Although it is understood from experience that 5-6 seeds a day are good, it is risky to reduce it to children. There is no record that it will be good for almost everyone. The fact that it is rich in antioxidant substances such as grape seed highlights its importance. There is no harm in swallowing 5-6 olive seeds whole a day. It is broken down and digested in the stomach. It is the dull oil rich in antioxidant substances in the kernel that increases the flavor of olive oil. There is no doubt about the digestion of the core. It is one of the most easily digested substances. Therefore, it has high auxiliary effects in problems such as ulcers, gastritis, intestinal and digestive disorders, hemorrhoids and prostate. In this sense, it seems better to swallow rather than throw. It is beneficial not to stray into the throat and not to encourage children. The low incidence of cancer in regions familiar with olive and olive oil in Mediterranean countries is also attributed to this. It is possible to improve this further with olive seeds. Products made from olive seeds are also appreciated. However, since it is easy to supply, it does not attract much attention. Practical is to swallow the easiest of the seeds while eating saddle or pickled olives during breakfast. It is useful to take advantage of its therapeutic properties in eliminating problems such as stomach and intestinal burns, gastritis and ulcers, and to swallow five or six seeds in the morning.

Prof. Dr. Harun Baytekin