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Making the most of the internet: little tricks for searching on the internet

By Editor Italy

Age must never be an obstacle, nor can it be for the use of new technologies! With our article we want to give all the “news seekers” on the internet, whether they are older or younger, some little tricks to make our searches faster and faster using the Google search engine!

We present them to you with a small list:

  • Using “quotation marks”: it is one of the most used small tricks, which allows us to find an exact phrase or a quote, simply putting the words in quotation marks!
  • The use of the asterisk (*): this is perhaps a little less known and is useful when we miss a word. We enter our search terms using asterisks as signs for the unknowns “european * voice”
  • Use the minus sign (-): Are we looking for something that has a double meaning? For example, apple, but not fruit but the logo? We put a minus sign in front of the term that doesn’t interest us, and Google will eliminate the superfluous results (example: apple-fruit).
  • Search within a specific site. We know we have read an interesting article, perhaps the one on 20 things to do in Cagliari, and we know that we have read it on the European Senior Voice website… Let’s write then: 20 things Cagliari site:
  • Searching for an address without going through Google Maps. We want to look for an address and the best way to get there? We write directly in the Google search from Assemini to Cagliari and Google will show us the way!
  • To define. Have we heard a very technical term and need to know more? By using the word “define” before the term, Google gives us the definition directly! Thus: define: eurobond
  • Search for images. It is possible to search for images from other images, using Google Images… we upload the photo and Google Images will search for all similar images!
  • To calculate. Do we want to do some calculations? We write “calculator” and Google provides us with a scientific calculator.
  • Use the buttons that Google itself makes available to us. Google has several buttons at the top of each search, such as web, images, news and many others. Using the buttons we can better define what type of search we want to do, reducing search times.
  • Search for files. We can search for files of specific format using the “filetype” command at the end of the normal search. For example, if we want to see a magazine in pdf, we write: filetype magazine: pdf!

Finally… not a trick but a way to waste a little time… Google hides a little game, a tribute to the legendary brick-breaking game “Breakout”. Let’s try to write Atari Breakout in the Google search and click on the first result… have fun!

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