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By Editor Turkey

The country does not go through fraud cases. As technology develops, fraudsters find ways to defraud the devil will not think of.

As technology develops, fraudsters find ways to defraud the devil will not think of. In its most general sense, fraud is an intentional act with the aim of deception. There are many types of deception, such as the abuse of religious beliefs and feelings, the use of dangerous situations or difficult conditions, the use of the weak perception of the person, the use of public institutions and organizations, public professional organizations, political parties, foundations or associations as a tool. actions are considered fraudulent.

Fraud may differ according to its types. Archeology, literature, real estate, forgery, etc. There are types of fraud. There are so many examples in our history that we even have people defrauding the world. Almost everyone knows the new ones. It is useful to remember the old ones with their works. After our domestic swindlers are institutionalized inside, they open up to the world in a short time. Ayşe Benli’s gambling gang confuses even the USA by piling 2 million dollars into the Venetino Casino in Las Vegas. The tricks they make while playing poker cannot be deciphered even by the experts of this game. They are still sought. Pheasant Osman, whose cabinets are the subject of even movies, is a name that has won the admiration of the public despite everything. Even in the famous dictionary Wikipedia, the meaning of fraud is given, in the example Pheasant Osman is given. He even has the ability to “sell” the Galata Tower and Beyazıt Square to the gullible merchants of Anatolia who have just arrived in Istanbul. These works have even been the subject of movies.

It is said that Pheasant Osman even received money from timid villagers who had just arrived in Istanbul to look at the clock in the city square. The famous Raki generally defrauded those who did illegal activities. That’s why nobody complained. In particular, he defrauded minorities. Raki’s father is Major General Şemsettin Zobu, and his brother is Kuzey Zobu, a famous businessman in London. During the years when carrying dollars was a crime, Raki defrauded dozens of people by posing as a German or an American, promising to sell foreign currency with suitcases in big hotels. In the 1980s, the banker rush begins. While annual inflation is 30 percent, Kastelli is the leading banker who collects money with 12 percent monthly interest. On days when the national income is 70 million dollars, Kastelli collects 100 billion TL. However, Kastelli, who went bankrupt, fled abroad. Also known as “The Daisy banker”, Banker Bako bankrupted thousands of people’s money in the 1980s. When getting loans from banks, he makes a mockery of the state by painting a daisy instead of a signature. The banker even defrauds Bako Real Estate Bank. Selcuk Parsadan came to the fore with “covered funds fraud” during the prime ministership of Tansu Ciller. Before the December 1995 elections, Parsadan, using the name of retired Gen. Necdet Öztorun, receives 5.5 billion liras from the covered appropriation. He is then caught and put in prison. This fraud case does not fall from the newspaper headlines for days.

Eyüplü Halit is the first swindler to make a name for himself. His first incident was the establishment of his own police station in the last days of Istanbul’s occupation. Eyüplü Halit, who called the Greeks to the police station, introduces himself as the commissioner, and asks for bribes from our Greek citizens with false denunciations. Since the deportation and exchange practices in that period were also intense, no one could speak out. It’s like a robbery. He speaks very good Greek and French. It is said that Eyüplü Halit defrauded even Mussolini. It is not known which class the new ones fall into, but the old ones are not few.

Prof. Dr. Harun Baytekin