European Senior Card

About the Senior Card

The European Senior Card is the original program of the polish Association MANKO, established in 2013 in Poland and now being developed in Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Italy (Sardinia) under the SASME+ project (co-funded by the European project under ERASMUS+ Program).

The European Senior Card entitles its holder to discounts in businesses and other entities – Partners of the European Senior Card Program.

The ESC is valid in your country and in other partner countries (Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Italy-Sardinia), in all places participating in the European Senior Card campaign, such us cinemas, SPA resorts, travel agencies, cafes, healthcare centres, etc.

Currently over 2500 entities honour the card. Most of them are located in Poland, but the program develops and the list of engaged entities is being constantly updated

FIND A DISCOUNT! See the list of cooperating entities.