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We are pleased to invite you to join programme European Senior Card and thereby to join the number Partners who honour the European Senior Card. The programme is distinguished on the market from among other initiatives of this type, because it is the only programme with European range.  

Become a partner of the European Senior Card Programme and build the Silver Economy!

For whom

Any private or public entity, that offers products or services to the seniors can become a Partner of the European Senior Card Program, by offering discounts for seniors

Among our Partners one can find: grocery shops and other shops, travel agencies, cinemas, galleries, opticians, healthcare centres, SPAs, sanatoriums, hotels and resorts, etc.

About the program

The European Senior Card program is a benefit program for the Seniors in Europe. The idea of this campaign was born in Poland where already over 2000 businesses and entities offer discounts to the seniors, supporting them in managing household budget and making more products, services and activities accessible to them.  Over 350 000 seniors are currently National Senior Card holders, which is equal to the European Senior Card.

Within two ERASMUS+ project the Senior Card Program expanded to European countries and now it is present in Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Italy (Sardinia). The program was also carried out in 2017-2019 in Germany, Lithuania, Romania.

We invite also your company or organization to become part of the European Senior Card Program.

Any person, who is 60 years old and more, and filled in the application form, can become European Senior Card holder. Thanks to the ESC seniors from program partner countries may enjoy discounts offered by Partners – companies and public entities (i.e. galleries, SPA resorts, cinemas, cafés, travel agencies, hotels etc.). The card is free of charge for seniors and the main goal of this campaign is social activation of the older people by:

  • Motivating them to spend their spare time actively
  • Engaging in promotion of the ESC among other seniors
  • Involving them in building the potential of ESC Program, by inviting enterprises and entities to the Programme.

The only thing you have to do is to offer discount and fill in the application form.

If you are located in municipality/city/region which takes part in the Senior-Friendly Municipality campaign – participation in the European Senior Card is free of charge.

For companies that are located outside the programme cities we have a special OFFER

The program supports Silver Policy and Silver Economy.

But what are the benefits for your organization and the local economy?

  • Any company or entity, which join the European Senior Card programme become more recognizable among the seniors as the senior-friendly company, by offering them any kind of discounts, special offers or bargains.
  • Entities gain recommendations – the word of mouth policy works the best
  • Entrepreneurs and entities have a chance to present themselves as socially responsible organizations, contributing to wellbeing of the seniors
  • Entrepreneurs and entities gain promotion via related portals (bookmark at the web-portal as well as portal)
  • Entrepreneurs gain new and more loyal customers
  • Attractiveness of local tourism increases
  • Enterprises and entities can promote their brand in media published by MANKO Association, including the European Senior Voice magazine and web-portal, through advertising.

It’s up to you, how you would like to contribute!

Does it cost anything?

The fee for participation in the Senior Card Campaign depends on:

  • For businesses and organizations located in the cities/municipalities participating in the Senior-Friendly Municipality Programme launched within SASME+ Project, participation based on basic provisions is free of charge
  • For businesses and entities located in the cities/municipalities from outside of the Senior-Friendly Municipality programme, BASIC PACKAGE is charged 20 EUR per year
  • Any business or entity which decides to make use of EXTRA PACKAGE will be charged 150 euro per year

How to participate?

• Choose your PACKAGE
• Fill in the application form
• Send it back to the address of the campaign organizer in specific country participating in the SASME+ Project
MANKO Association –  Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Romania – Osiedle Urocze 12
31-953 Kraków
tel. 12 429 37 28.
COMU –  Prof. Dr. Kemal ÇELİK -COMU or 
SCAS – Bulgaria – pl. Narodno Sabranie 10, Sofia, Bulgaria
CIK – Slovenia – Kidričeva ulica 2, 8210 Trebnje, Slovenia
ORIENTARE – Sardinia, Italy – via San Tommaso d’Aquino, 18 – 09134 Cagliari, Italia

Application form download:



What you get? What’s the investment?
– Registration of partner in the list of companies honouring European Senior Card at and
– Certificate of participation in the European Senior Card Programme
– Stickers (to stick on the front door or any other visible place) for marking your organization as a partner of the ESC Programme
20 EUR / year – For companies and entities from outside the cities/municipalities of the Senior-Friendly Municipality Programme
Free of charge – For companies located in cities participating in Senior-Friendly Municipality Programme


What you get? What’s the investment?
– Certificate and stickers to mark your organization
– Placing company data in the section European Senior Card in the European Senior Voice magazine issued within the SASME+ Project (2 editions)
– Placing information about joining the company to the ESC Programme on website, web-portal and in social media
– Informing all new holders of the ESC about discounts proposed by your company (e-mail)
150 EUR/ year for all organization

Encourage your self-government to participate in Senior-Friendly Municipality programme and support local silver economy!