Easter goodness during pandemic

By SCAS Administrator

Volunteer campaign – Donate an Easter dinner to a senior in need

There are a lot of seniors who live in the small Bulgarian city called Pravets. The pandemic situation, however makes it hard for family and friends to travel, help each other and be together.  This is especially true for the spring holiday season such as the Orthodox Easter.

Giunona Kiriakidu and her team of volunteers in the city have created a list of up to 170 seniors who might need help and resources during the holiday. Through social media and other volunteer online platforms she and her team asked anyone who is willing to help from anywhere in Bulgaria to send nonperishable first necessity food and consumptives which the volunteers will divide into packets and hand delver to seniors alongside a warm meal. Of course, with all safety measures taken.

During the days leading to the holiday, Guinona and team cooked the traditional Easter dish – lamb stew, alongside spinach soup, special Easter breads, brought fruits and painted Easter eggs.  The cause was very successful and the volunteers managed to help up to 800 people – seniors, families and other people in need.

As a conclusion to the campaign the team stated that the seniors were very happy to recieve a warm meal for the Holiday but they were most thankful for the attention and the conversation which is what they miss the most nowadays. This campaign is an yearly cause for the volunteers in Pravets and they bring good spirit to seniors every year.  

Information about the campaign in Bulgarian:

*This year the volunteers decided not to take a lot of pictures of the seniors themselves due to consideration for their privacy and in order not to exploit their condition.

*The information and pictures are used with the permission of Giunona Kiriakidu, the organizer of the cause and owner of the photos below:

Photos owner: used with permission from Giunona Kiriakidu