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Disability card – coming April 2022

By Editor Italy

The disability card is the tool through which people with disabilities will be able to take with them, in a simple and quick way, all the documents necessary to prove their disability. It is a digital paper that aims to de-bureaucratization and allows you to certify your disability without having more folders of paper with you. The card will also allow access to all the services that will be made available over time, through memoranda of understanding and agreements. Paper will replace paper certificates, bringing simplification, de-bureaucracy and digitization. The card also allows access to goods and services. The disability card is in line with Regulation no. 1381 of 2013 of the European Union, as part of the Rights, Equality and Citizenship program for the period 2014 – 2020.

The pilot project of the card was launched in February 2016 in a group of eight EU countries (Belgium; Cyprus; Estonia; Finland; Italy; Malta; Romania; Slovenia).

The “Disabilty card” will be available from April 2022 for citizens with disabilities ranging from 67 to 100%. Potential beneficiaries in Italy will be able to apply directly on the INPS website from February 2022 and obtain it after two months. In April, according to INPS estimates, the first Disability Cards printed by the State Printing and Mint Institute will be ready. The new card will have a duration of ten years and must then be renewed. An agreement was activated with the Ministry of Culture to allow people with disabilities to have free access to public museums. The initiative recorded the contribution of associations, primarily Fish and Fand, who have been fighting for years to see it realized.

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