Active Senior Campaigns

Darüşşafaka supports the quality of life of our seniors

By Editor Turkey

Darüşşafaka supports the quality of life of our seniors  with its various activities and services with the donations of sensitive people of our country.

Our donors, who enjoy their second spring in a comfortable and safe environment, also provide the opportunity for our children to be equipped with a qualified and contemporary education. When you choose the comfortable life at Darüşşafaka Residences, you will also support our children’s future full of success. Whenever you wish, you can take your place both in this privileged life and in the bright future and success of our children.

Darüşşafaka Society has been working since 1997 in order to ensure that our donors, whose father or mother has not been alive since 1863, who have insufficient financial means, and who are talented, to change their lives with education, spend their old age in a happy, safe, healthy, comfortable, lively atmosphere with new friends. It also provides nursing home services. Darüşşafaka Society, which opened Yakacık Residence in 1997 for our elders aged 65 and over, thus brought a brand new perspective to nursing home service.

 The Association opened Maltepe Residence, Şenesenevler Residence and Urla Residence (İzmir) after Yakacık Residence, which broke the perception of nursing homes in Turkey and opened the doors of a problem-free life to the elderly, reached full occupancy level in a short time. Carrying its pioneering role in the field of education to the care of the elderly, Darüşşafaka thus offered its donors both the peace of teaching children in need and the opportunity to spend their old age in a safe, peaceful, healthy and comfortable way away from all kinds of worries.

With the residence system, which is unique in Turkey and allows members to be accepted with a one-time collective donation, our donors have an indispensable place in the future and success of our children, on the other hand, they live their second spring with their new friends in a lively and comfortable atmosphere away from all kinds of worries, in safety and peace. . Today, Darüşşafaka Residences operate with a lifetime health guarantee, individually designed rooms, restaurants offering menus prepared under the control of a dietitian, health and security units serving 24/7, hobby rooms, gyms, physical therapy units, enjoyable social activities and a libertarian service approach.

An active and vibrant life for the Seniors

Social, cultural and artistic activities in the residences are planned annually by the psychosocial services in line with the requests and suggestions from the donors. While screenings of both vision and classic films are held in the cinema halls in the residences, interviews, music concerts and conferences are also organized to bring the residents of the residence together with their favorite artists. New friendships are formed at “five teas”, which has become a popular tradition. Different activities are organized for donors to spend the day in accordance with the meaning of both religious and national holidays.