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The country does not go through fraud cases. As technology develops, fraudsters find ways to defraud the devil will not think of. As technology develops, fraudsters find ways to defraud the devil will not think of. In its most general sense, fraud is an intentional act with the aim of…

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Environmental Awareness

If we define the environment as ecological, we can express it as a set of factors consisting of living and non-living things that are effective in any part of an organism's life or in its entirety. In fact, when we think of it as human beings, everything from the air…

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Stress and Immunity

Stress-inducing events, such as trauma, workload, daily stressors and exposure to injustice, age the immune system in people, according to a new study. The immune system increases the risk of infectious diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and corona in aging people. Age-related changes in the immune system play a…

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Within the scope of the Erasmus program, students in Turkish schools have been improving their knowledge and skills by visiting different European countries by making use of European Union funds. It is a very useful program. However, since Turkey cannot produce enough projects, it can only benefit from these funds…

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Being a Team

There used to be a children's series called Voltran. It was heavily criticized and removed from the air for inciting children to violence. In each episode, friends who could not fight aliens alone would create voltrans and achieve great things. They used to protect humans against aliens. In fact, the…

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Sleeping Powder

Almost everyone has had trouble sleeping at one time or another. The nights got shorter too. Especially social media continues to deprive everyone of sleep, young and old. On the other hand, those who wander in the virtual world and game addicts get stressed without realizing it, and the cost…

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Beautiful Heritage

It is in the nature of man to increase the level of welfare, to live more comfortably, to benefit more from resources. In fact, he often forgets to share while benefiting from common values. As the egos get stronger, the desire to win more increases and increases. While aiming for…

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The beginning story of a 47 year long love

I was born in 1956 as the youngest of 5 siblings in Istanbul's Kadıköy district. My family was from a segment that used to be defined as middle class. Our soup would not be missing from the top of our stove, but we could not list our wishes to our…

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Creativity is at All Ages

Our citizens over the age of 65 were the most affected by the restrictions during the pandemic period. Since they were in the risky group, they could not leave their homes for months. With the new normal, the restrictions were lifted, but with the increase in the cases, various restrictions…

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The “Brain Teaser Master” from Münster

Klaus Otto Nagorsnik is a librarian in the Stadtbücherei Münster. He does not his own TV since 1989, because he thinks that reading gives us the possibility to process information better. He won several times the Germany Cup of the German Quiz Association. In 2014 he became German Quiz Master…