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The country does not go through fraud cases. As technology develops, fraudsters find ways to defraud the devil will not think of. As technology develops, fraudsters find ways to defraud the devil will not think of. In its most general sense, fraud is an intentional act with the aim of…

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Environmental Awareness

If we define the environment as ecological, we can express it as a set of factors consisting of living and non-living things that are effective in any part of an organism's life or in its entirety. In fact, when we think of it as human beings, everything from the air…

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Within the scope of the Erasmus program, students in Turkish schools have been improving their knowledge and skills by visiting different European countries by making use of European Union funds. It is a very useful program. However, since Turkey cannot produce enough projects, it can only benefit from these funds…

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Being a Team

There used to be a children's series called Voltran. It was heavily criticized and removed from the air for inciting children to violence. In each episode, friends who could not fight aliens alone would create voltrans and achieve great things. They used to protect humans against aliens. In fact, the…

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Sleeping Powder

Almost everyone has had trouble sleeping at one time or another. The nights got shorter too. Especially social media continues to deprive everyone of sleep, young and old. On the other hand, those who wander in the virtual world and game addicts get stressed without realizing it, and the cost…

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Platform for people with disabilities with all EU Member States

In the Platform for People with Disabilities, all EU Member States, 14 civil society organizations and European institutions will work together to ensure that people with disabilities can fully enjoy their rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. . Platform for People with Disabilities: a…

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Covid-19: Vaccination campaign in Sardinia

In Sardinia, the anti Covid-19 vaccination continues apace. Here are the specifics to book the vaccine:     online from the site:     at the ATMs of the Post Offices    through the Call Center 800 009966 (active every day from 8.00 to 20.00)     through the Postmen Citizens over 60 -…

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Teatro Massimo of Cagliari: Presentation of the 2022 theatrical program

The press conference for the presentation of the 2022 theatrical program curated by CeDAC - Center for the Diffusion of Cultural Activities and by Jazz in Sardinia was held on 13 January 2022. The Theater can and must be seen as a place to stimulate the mind, capable of making…

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Seniors Staying in Nursing Home Enthusiasm with Popstar Harun

Within the Continuing Elderly Week Activities in Aydın An Entertainment Program was organized for the elderly living in Aydın Nursing Home. The Elders, who were enthused with the songs sung by Popstar Harun in the program organized for them, had a lot of fun. An entertainment program was organized for…

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Disability card – coming April 2022

The disability card is the tool through which people with disabilities will be able to take with them, in a simple and quick way, all the documents necessary to prove their disability. It is a digital paper that aims to de-bureaucratization and allows you to certify your disability without having…