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Being a Team

By Editor Turkey

There used to be a children’s series called Voltran. It was heavily criticized and removed from the air for inciting children to violence. In each episode, friends who could not fight aliens alone would create voltrans and achieve great things. They used to protect humans against aliens.

In fact, the essence of the cartoon was that the pieces combine to accomplish a task and create an invincible power. Perhaps he was advising that children should act together and that they could achieve great things with group action. I am not in the team. No matter how many people there are, the team is always one. The work done belongs to the team. Success and failure are both your team’s. The team is together with team spirit. Each individual in the team acts in accordance with the vision of the team. It’s like parts of the engine. Coordination is an important feature. The world of emotion and thought is in line with the mission of the team. Being a team and acting together started to become one of our lost values. Serious problems began to be experienced in coming together for a purpose such as communities, unions, associations, unions, in short, non-governmental organizations. The development of the I factor unfortunately started to hinder joint mobility as well as divide it. The individuals who make up the team put their selves aside while working with the team. They remain silent in cases they do not approve of. But or but is not used very often. However, a single action is adopted and implemented by evaluating the alternative action plans determined in the collective mind meetings. The arrogant actions of those who oppose the action plan, their unwilling participation in the action plan reduce the success of the team and cause its losses. People’s abilities and skills can be very different from each other. It is difficult to keep different talents and characters together. Therefore, it is very difficult to form a team. However, the power and ability of a properly formed team is much more than the sum of the individual talents or strengths of the individuals.

Even the most incompetent individual can achieve great success in the right team. Here, the proverb comes from unity is important. While creating the team, the dimensions of the work to be done should be examined in detail and the talents should be brought together accordingly. Instead of many people with similar abilities, the participation of individuals with the appropriate skills for each piece of work in the team increases the efficiency many times. Every team has a leader who has more knowledge, experience and time than the individuals who make up the team. Coordination and coordination of the work, recovery of the survivors and the development of utopia belong to the leader. It is extremely effective in collecting information, evaluating it and making decisions. He should be able to see the failing aspects of the work and increase the willingness of the team members to work. Increasing the living standards of the individuals who make up the team depends on their success. The greater the success, the greater the interdependence of the team. In the end, you become a social person. Since success does not belong to any individual, the success of the team makes each individual happy and develops the sense of belonging to the team. Even after years, even outside the team, the feeling of belonging to the team continues, rejoicing with their happiness, offering individuals as much beauty as their own success. It is not possible for the team to consist of the same individuals for years and to continue their work and program with the same individuals. Depending on the change of work and action plans, the shape of the team and the situations of the individuals who make up the team will change. Individuals who have achieved success in teams will run to the same success with new teams in new jobs and programs. The important thing is to catch a course of action that is in line with the vision and mission of the team by shrinking your self.

Prof. Dr. Harun Baytekin