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Beautiful Heritage

By Editor Turkey

It is in the nature of man to increase the level of welfare, to live more comfortably, to benefit more from resources.

In fact, he often forgets to share while benefiting from common values. As the egos get stronger, the desire to win more increases and increases. While aiming for a comfortable life for himself, he starts to collect valuable materials for children. By saying less and less, the philosophy of life turns to hoarding goods and money. He doesn’t even realize it. In this philosophy, there are even those who suffer from scarcity in existence. Because the ambition to leave a great legacy is ravaging him. For himself, the accumulation of money and goods becomes dominant for future generations. The expression “Behold, it has passed us by now” is an indication that future generations are being worked on. Heritage is called the set of material and moral values ​​that parents leave to future generations. While environmentalists show that leaving a livable world is the best legacy, for capitalists the best legacy is a wealth of wealth. From an individual to a state level, those who use the world’s existing resources more leave a more substantial legacy. You know, the difference in development between rich countries and underdeveloped countries is based on the intensity of use of natural resources. So, what can be the individual heritage of a person to his children and grandchildren? Values ​​such as houses, cars, plots, yachts, floors that have many material values, that will raise living standards and offer comfortable living conditions can be counted among the heritage values.

Miras Paylaşımı Nasıl yapılır? - Proaktif Hukuk Bürosu

According to our Prophet, the best legacy to be left to children is a good profession and good morals. The role played by the ego in the individual development of man is important. If the ego is high, all the equipment of the world must work for the individual. Otherwise, the common values ​​of the nation will go backwards as they do today. Here, parents have a very serious responsibility. If the individual was stood behind in every behavior, he was not helped. The legacy to be left on the basis of a good profession and good morals is, in essence, the most important cornerstone of social peace. The incompetent, personal ambitions, desires that go beyond themselves, and the upbringing of these incomprehensible characters, who can defy even their parents, shake the society deeply. Although it may seem like hereditary, the growing medium is much more effective. The most serious legacy to be left to future generations is to create a character that can develop social peace, be able to share, and think human-centered. Values, one of the most important characteristics of the Turkish nation, are disappearing very quickly. There is not much emphasis on good morals. Material-based ebbs and flows constitute the most important contrast of morality. The sense of justice is also severely eroded within the goals of individuals. There are serious problems in our country. Individuals who are not well-educated constitute the most important obstacle in the establishment of social peace.

Prof. Dr. Harun Baytekin