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Ata House of Healthy Aging Center

By Editor Turkey

Ata House of Healthy Aging Center established with support from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality enables elderly citizens over 60 to reconstruct strong relations with life by socializing and living a healthy and happy life. Elderly people are happy to get out of their houses, socialize with others, make new friends, develop new hobbies suitable to their interests and take part in various activities. The center which incorporates sports hall, library, resting room and various activity grounds provides opportunities for elderly people to strengthen themselves physically, socially and psychologically. Ata House organizes events such as drama, choir, instrument playing, theater, painting, knitting, cooking and baking cakes according to participants personal skills and abilities. Additionally, psychologists serve in the center to follow and support members’ psychological health.  

The center which constantly increases its level of services also meets elderly members with young volunteers aged between 18-30 to enable members transfer their knowledge and experiences to younger generations and bridge the gap between generations. The members guide youngsters with their experiences during seminars organized by the center. Culture trips, cinema and theatre days are being organized with the help of volunteer youngsters.

Gaziemir Municipality is awarded with Elderly Friendly City Encouragement Award by Ministry of Family and Social Policies for its project of Ata House of Healthy Aging Center.

Registration Requirements for Ata House

All citizens residing in Gaziemir above the age of 60 aside from Dementia and Alzheimer patients,  can become a member of the center which serves every weekday between  09.00-18.00. The membership fee is 15 TL for three months and all eligible citizens can register to the center with a copy of their identification cards,  certificate of residency and a portrait photo.

It is well known that people need these kind of facilities at every stage of their lives. For this reason, we strongly expect that the number of such projects providing people social, psychological and physical support increases. We heartily hope to read news of such pleasant endeavors…

Information related to the project provided by Gaziemir Municipality’s official web page from this link is as follows.