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At school at 90: the oldest student is from Sardinia!

By Editor Italy

Annunziata Murgia turned 90 last December, she is currently enrolled at school and she is preparing to take the final exam.

After a life dedicated to work and family, Annunziata decided to return to school at the Provincial Center for Adult Education in Dolianova, in the province of Cagliari.

Despite some ailments due to her age, the woman has never loved to stop and now, thanks to the help of her teachers and classmates, she is ready to finish the school year.

Her class is composed by students aged 16 and over, and she has settled very well, two of her classmates offer to accompany her home in the evening when it is dark so that she can feel safe.

Her favorite subject is Italian grammar and she also loves confrontation lessons where she discusses with classmates and teachers explaining to them what social and political situations were like when she was young.

Annunziata lived during the Second World War and when the conflict broke out she had to drop out of school. Once peace returned, she resumed her studies in her country in a professional course, to learn the craft of the seamstress. That was her job for 25 years.

Although she has not been able to study until the eighth grade she has always been very curious and since she knew how to read and write over the years she has always kept herself informed about everything.

Her story also intrigued The Guardian who discovered that Annunziata is the oldest woman ever to attend school ( -like-my-grandchildren-italian-woman-returns-to-school-at-90)

We just have to send our best wishes to Annunziata for her exam, we are convinced that she will pass it with flying colors!